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  • A church building is a building or structure whose primary purpose is to facilitate the meeting of a church. Originally, Jewish Christians met in synagogues, such as the Cenacle, and in one another’s homes.

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  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool’s Garden, released in 2000.
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church buildings for sale

church buildings for sale – The Purpose

The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God's Eyes
The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God's Eyes
‘The Purpose Driven Church has brought focus and direction to more pastors and church leaders than you can count. What a gift!’—John Ortberg, bestselling author Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a church. But Rick Warren believes that in order for a church to be healthy it must become a purpose-driven church, built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus. ‘The issue is church health, not church growth!’ declares Warren. ‘If your church is healthy, growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church.’ Rick Warren shares a proven five-part strategy that will enable your church to grow * warmer through fellowship * deeper through discipleship * stronger through worship * broader through ministry * larger through evangelism The Purpose Driven Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people-building process. Warren says, ‘If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.’

The thesis of The Purpose Driven Church is that when churches think first about their health, growth is sure to follow. “If your church is healthy,” writes Rick Warren, “growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church.” These five purposes are to “Love the Lord with all your heart,” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” “Go and make disciples,” “[Baptize] them,” and “[Teach] them to obey.” And those purposes can only be accomplished, argues Warren, when church leaders stop thinking about church-building programs and shift their focus to a “people-building process” involving fellowship, discipleship, worship, and evangelism. Warren, the founder of the fastest-growing Baptist church in American history, has taught seminars to thousands of pastors from all over the world, many of whom have successfully implemented his techniques.

Burlington Iowa Church for sale

Burlington Iowa  Church for sale
This Historic Stone Church was built in 1868, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings, and with its majestic gardens and patios occupies 3/4 of an acre.

The Church faces south and is built on a hill which rises to the north. Its elaborate, naturally landscaped and terraced gardens and viewing pathways meander up the hill on the west half of the property. Incorporated above the gardens, within the northern end of the property, is an extensive ramp which allows wheelchair access to the entire Church building.

This is an amazingly well preserved and maintained property with native limestone construction, a beautiful collection of stained glass windows, and traditional nave. It was used as an art gallery for many years and even has its original church bell, a large work or meeting room, display and office areas, a pottery firing kiln with storage, a near new roof and central heating and air conditioning.

crooked cross for sale

crooked cross for sale
This historic brick structure, the First Hispanic Baptist Church, is up for sale. It’s located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, just a block from the State Capital and now surrounded by other government buildings. The congregation has dwindled over the years, and can no longer afford to maintain the building, whose real estate value, has of course soared. The congregation is praying that the building will remain with a Christian purpose, hopefully continuing to serve another church.

My son was part of a high school Government class which runs the last week of January every year. The past 6 years the Hispanic congregation has donated the use of their sanctuary and fellowship hall for the kids, free of charge. I pray that their gracious hope that the building will continue as a beacon of faith is granted.

church buildings for sale

The Churches of Egypt: From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day
With over 300 full-color photographs, this is the first fully illustrated book devoted to Christian houses of worship in Egypt. The text incorporates the latest research to complement the broad geographic scope covering nearly all significant Coptic sites throughout the country, from the ancient Coptic churches in Old Cairo to the churches in the monasteries of Wadi al-Natrun, the Red Sea, and Upper Egypt. Churches associated with the Holy Family’s sojourn in Egypt, including Gabal al-Tayr and Dayr al-Muharraq, enrich the volume. Many modern churches housing contemporary Coptic art that have not been dealt with in other publications are featured here especially the Cathedral of St. Mark and his shrine at Anba Ruweis in Cairo.
Churches of all other Christian denominations in Egypt are also described and beautifully illustrated here. A number of famous Greek Orthodox churches are included, as well as two Evangelical Coptic churches. Catholic, Armenian, and Anglican churches designed and decorated by European architects and painters in the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century are given their due: they represent little known treasures of Christian art and architecture. Introductory chapters on the history of Christianity in Egypt, the architecture of the Coptic Church, and Coptic wall paintings help readers to appreciate fully the great cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage of Egypt’s Christians.